Bottles produced by SEQUOIA ENTERPRISES do not contain BPA.
For further information on BPA please visit the following FDA link

Do bottles come with lids?
All bottles are supplied with screw on lids. Unless specified bottles will be shipped with lids off.

Can I mix the lid colours?
YES. Our lids can be mixed across the range of SEQUOIA ENTERPRISES bottles.

Can I mix the bottle colours on the same order?
YES. Bottle colours can be mixed.

Can All colours be printed on Dark blue and Black Bottles?
Yes, however different coloured bottles will affect the final print colour. That means that the darker the bottle colour the duller the ink will become. For example an Orange print on a black bottle will be a dull Brown.

Is four colour process the same price as four spot colours?
NO. Four colour process must be quoted on a job by job basis. No two jobs are the same, and the price can vary considerably. Process prints can only be quoted on when artwork files are supplied as there is no standard pricing for process prints. We are unable to control the colours in 4 colour process, what is in the file that you send us is what will be printed.

How much does it cost to print on the top and bottom of the bottle?
There is no extra charge to print on the top and bottom of the bottle. SEQUOIA ENTERPRISES pricing structure is based on how many colours are in the print not on how many positions are being printed.

What is the minimum order?
Min order quantity is 100 bottles. For 4 or more spot colour prints min order qty is 250 bottles.
For Process prints the minimum order is 500 bottles

What is LDPE/HDPE?
Low Density Polyethylene/High Density Polyethylene.
The more LDPE in the product the softer and more flexible it is. It has nothing to do with the longevity of the product. All Plastics used are Food Grade Quality

Can the bottles be recycled?
Yes below is an example of the recycle codes used in Australia. The list is not hierarchical. That is: one is not the best and seven is not the worst.


The following table shows what the different types of plastic are used for and what they can be recycled into.

Code Type Users Recycled As
recycle1 Polyethylene
Terephthalate PET
 Soft drink and mineral water bottles, pillow & sleeping bag filling, clothing  Soft drink bottles, clear packaging film, carpet, fleecy jackets.
recycle2 High Density Polyethylene HDPE  Crinkly shopping bags, freezer bags, shampoo bottles, cleaner bottles, milk and cream bottles, milk crates.

Compost and recycling bins, rubbish bins, detergent bottles, agricultural pipes 

recycle3 Polyvinyl chloride PVC  Clear juice and cordial bottles, blister packs, plumbing hose, and fittings, garden hose, blood bags and tubing.  Detergent bottles, hoses, floor coverings, plumbing pipes and fittings
recycle4 Low Density Polyethylene LDPE  Garbage bags, ice cream containers lids, squeeze bottles, garbage bins, black plastic sheet  Film, including builders film concrete lining, garbage bags and shopping bags
recycle5 Polypropylene PP  Potato chip packets, ice cream containers, drinking straws, microwave ware, hinged lunch boxes  Compost Bins, recycling crates, worm factories
recycle6 Polystyrene PS  Yoghurt containers, plastic cutlery, takeaway food containers, meat trays  Produce boxes, clothes pegs, coat hangers, office accessories
recycle7  All other resins and mixes of plastic  Lids and assorted containers Injected moulded products (eg computer cases and telephone casings, agricultural pipes